San Antonio Forklift Maintenance

San Antonio Forklift Maintenance

— Planned maintenance is now offered by Hill Country Forklift.

We have forklift mechanics in San Antonio to provide you with a very quick response time. If you’re experiencing any type of breakdown, we’ve got you covered. We offer a full line of repairs and maintenance — at all levels.

Maintaining Your Forklift

San Antonio forklift services may not be as plentiful as what most business owners would think, especially for the size of our city. The importance of servicing and maintaining your vehicles, and forklift trucks is a full-time job in and of itself. You need a local forklift repair company you can count on. Keeping your business running smoothly and effectively requires upkeep and diligence. You’ve got to find a team you can count on for professionalism, cost effectiveness, and honesty. This is where the crew from Hill Country Forklift come into play.

San Antonio Forklift

Finding A Reputable Forklift Repair Company

Delegating the responsibility of planned forklift maintenance is essential. But, you need someone with a proven track record. Mark Hauck and the Hill Country Forklift crew, have a long list of references, from Austin to San Antonio. Just let us know of any concerns. We will provide you with local business owners, just like yourself, who can vouch for us.

We keep logs and schedules to be sure we stay on top of the required intervals for maintaining your forklift trucks. Good record keeping with a system in place to prevent neglecting service intervals is essential.

What Type of Maintenance Are We Talking About?

There are many things the mechanic should be checking on a routine basis. Some of the information below should help you to better understand what is involved. Ask the crew at Hill Country to explain why some, if not all of these elements pertain to your forklifts.

Monthly Forklift Maintenance

  • Change The Oil
  • Clean The Air Filter
  • Adjust The Idle Speed and Ignition Time (Engine Trucks)
  • Lubricate The Chassis And Mast Components
  • Inspect The Lift and Tilt Cylinder
  • Inspect The Drive Belt Tension
  • Inspect Spark Plugs, Distributor Points, Cap and Rotor (Engine Trucks)

Quarterly Forklift Maintenance

  • Adjust Mast Support, Tilt Cylinder Pins, and Chassis Links
  • Adjust Clutch Release (Standard Shift Trucks)
  • Drain Water Separator (Diesel)
  • Replace Hydraulic Filters
  • Replace Fuel Filters
  • Clean The Radiator
  • Inspect Differential and Transmission Oil, PCV Valve, and Hoses (Engine Powered Trucks)
  • Inspect The Hydraulic Oil Pump
  • Inspect Lift Chain Tension, Mast Operation, Carriage Rollers, Lift and Tilt Cylinder Operation
  • Inspect Pedal Free-Play and Hand Brakes

Semi-Annual Forklift Maintenance

  • Replace Fuel Filters, Strainer Elements and Water Separator (Diesel)
  • Replace Wheel Bearing, Grease, and Engine Coolant
  • Replace Brake Fluid
  • Check Engine Bolts and Manifold Nuts
  • Inspect Brake Booster Operation

All of these items may seem overwhelming to some business owners. But, this is what we do, and where we truly excel.

So get on the phone and call Mark Hauck and the crew at Hill Country Forklift LLC. We’ll set you up with a planned maintenance schedule to keep you on track and running strong.

We have techs in San Antonio who can be at your place of business in a hurry. San Antonio forklift maintenance has never been more affordable, or convenient.

Call Now, or schedule an appointment to request a quote today.

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Be Certain You Are OSHA Compliant

If you have questions about OSHA, forklift certification, special licensing or other pertinent related information, please visit the Texas Department of Labor site for details.